For our international client, Schneider Electric, AgiNtech adapts low-voltage switchboards (LVSB) to the local market with a continuous delivery flow. Every week, AgiNtech receives a dozen electrical cabinets from its client that are completed and assembled by our team with complementary components according to the specific requirements and regulations in force in Belgium. And when a dozen of cabinets are getting in every week, another dozen of completed cabinets are getting out AgiNtech’s workshop to be distributed and installed by Schneider Electric.

Schneider Electric - projet TGBT

This back-and-forth flow of cabinets and components calls for a meticulous organization and a flawless tracking system. In order to keep a close eye on the status of every cabinet, we’ve put in place a Kanban kind of follow-up framework using magnets and a whiteboard. During a visit with Agoria’s Hainaut-Namur board members, one of the person said: “next step will be to digitalize it”. Despite our Industry4.0 focus, we are not going to do it for now. Digitalization needs to bring added value and help people. Replacing this highly visual board managed by our electricians themselves by a computer and a screen has no added value at this stage.