AgiNtech works flexibly with our clients so that we can design customized, reliable, innovative, silo-free solutions together.


Our clients are our partners in designing customized, technologically reliable solutions. This way of working together enables agile installations based on trust and partnership. Which are our core business values.

Two demonstrations of our philosophy.


A client contacted us to request a quote for a robotic cell. Their complex project required a customized solution. In order to ensure success, we validated the trickiest areas of the project together, before submitting our global integration proposal. This approach proved faster, cheaper and more robust.

Reliable & flexible

Another client wished to implement OEE but found it hard to identify which priority data they would need. We offered them a flexible Proof of Concept that allowed us to understand the platform and validate our calculations while limiting the costs to standard elements covered by a free of charge three-month license loan. The benefits? The client purchased the solution once they were convinced of its effectiveness, and we continue to support them in the discovery and implementation of their needs. If a solution isn’t right, using this approach allows the client to learn why and invest at the right level for their needs.