Press: Media Planet – Cybersecurity, manufacturer’s new challenge

Jun 26, 2023 | Media

Within the Industry 4.0 era, production systems have become more complex resulting in highly specialised and customised infrastructure networks integrating more and more IT components. Production tools and logic controllers therefore constitute vulnerabilities in the digital security of a company and increase the risk of unplanned downtime. However, OT and IT specialists are not doing the same job and are not talking the same language.

“If a company doesn’t integrate the cybersecurity aspect from the initial design of its production line, it will expose itself to additional expenses.”

In the interview published in Mediaplanet Belgium, Christophe Camerlynck – CEO of AgiNtech – and Gregorio Matias, CEO of MCG – explain the importance of protecting its operational network that is increasingly exposed to cyberattacks and other external and internal threats. It’s precisely from this need to unify IT and OT that these 2 key players decided to combine their expertise and skills within a multidisciplinary team speaking a common language: CYBER 4 INDUSTRY.

interview Agintech - Cyber 4 industry - la cybersécurité des lignes de production

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