General Terms and conditions of purchase

04/03/2023 rev. 0.1

  1. These general terms and conditions of purchase shall apply subject to any changes that the parties may make to them by formal contradictory agreement.
  2. By accepting our order, the supplier explicitly waives any contrary stipulation contained in its general or special terms and conditions of sale, even if these stipulate that they alone are valid.
  3. The acceptance of the order is final and binding, as soon as the order form is returned to us within 8 days duly dated and signed for approval as an acknowledgement of receipt.
  4. If within 8 days of our order no confirmation or reservation is made, the order will be considered final. This formal acceptance implies the full application of all the clauses herein.
  5. Each order form must contain the following data:
  • date,
  • exact name of the supplier, 
  • exact address,
  • purchase order number,
  • exact reference,
  • exact description (quality, quantity, material, object,…)
  • place of delivery,
  • terms of payment,
  • conditions of delivery and/or execution).
  1. Only the order and agreements confirmed in writing by our buyers are valid and applicable.
  2. All documents, sent following an order, must mention the references and the number of this order.
  3. Unless otherwise stipulated, the prices applicable for the order will be net prices excluding any form of costs such as transport, credit limit, insurance, administrative costs, packaging, customs duties, import taxes, etc. It is clear that all these costs are totally at the expense of the supplier.
  4. Delivery shall be made to the place designated on the order form.
  5. A delivery note signed by an AgiNtech representative must accompany the order. A duplicate of the delivery note will be sent to our head office.
  6. The transfer of risk shall take place at the time of actual delivery to the place stipulated on the order form by the supplier or the appointed carrier.
  7. The supplier undertakes to deliver the material in the quality requested. We reserve the right to refuse material that is not in conformity with the order or that has an apparent defect. The supplier shall always remain liable for hidden defects.
  8. We shall have at least 15 days from the date of transfer of risk and the date of receipt of the supplier’s invoice to submit any complaint or remark concerning the conformity or quality of the goods.
  9. The delivery period starts on the day after the date of the order (approved by our buyers). If the binding delivery period prescribed by us is not observed, the supplier shall be liable to pay – without prior notice – a flat-rate compensation of 0.5% per week of delay on the entire order without any limitation. If the mandatory delivery period is exceeded, we reserve the right, without prior written notice or formal notice of default, to cancel the order or part of the order not yet delivered, without any claim for compensation.
  10. The supplier sends an original and a copy of his invoice to or to AgiNtech’s head office, at the latest 5 days after the shipment of the goods, otherwise the payment will be delayed for one month.
  11. Unless otherwise agreed, payment will be made 60 days end of month after receipt of the invoice, based on the accepted deliveries.
  12. Payments will be made by transfer from an account opened with a recognized Belgian bank. We will not accept any form of disposition on our cash registers. The date of debit of the buyer’s account will be the valid date of payment.
  13. Confidentiality: All documents and information shall be treated in strict confidence.
  14. Any dispute will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of NAMUR, regardless of the place where the commitment was concluded or executed